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Support the celebration of human beauty and contribute to a better, more beautiful world.

Dear valued members and fans,

We are excited to introduce you to the Model Citizen program – a special membership designed to support the creative community that makes Model Society possible.

As the ONLY curated community dedicated to exceptional nude and figurative fine art, Model Society provides a platform for creatives from around the world to collaborate, connect, and proudly share images that celebrate human beauty. But as technology keeps changing, we need your help to keep things going and provide new tools for our models and photographers to network and thrive.

That's where you come in. By becoming a Model Citizen, you'll not only get a bunch of cool perks – like a free magazine subscription and extended versions of our famous weekly newsletters – but you'll also be supporting a platform that values and celebrates human beauty as a work of art.

Plus, if you're one of our models, photographers, or artists, you'll get a distinguished profile badge and the opportunity to have your images featured on the website, in newsletters, and in the magazine.

But the benefits of Model Citizen membership don't stop there. You'll also be supporting a community that encourages collaboration, connection, and creativity. Model Society makes the world a little bit brighter, and by supporting us, you can feel good about contributing to a better and more beautiful world.

So if you value this creative community, if you enjoy this beautiful art, then join us as a Model Citizen.

To become a Model Citizen, simply click choose your support level and follow the instructions. It's a small investment that will make a big impact on the creative community that we are all a part of.

Thank you for considering this opportunity and for being a part of Model Society. We look forward to welcoming you as a Model Citizen and continuing to celebrate human beauty as a work of art together.


David Bollt
Model Society Founder

P.S. – Scroll down to learn more about the perks and values you'll be supporting as a Model Citizen.

The perks of being a Model Citizen!

We are constantly finding fun and creative ways to thank our Model Citizens. Here are just a few...

✅ Complimentary Model Society Magazine subscription

Join any of our monthly support levels and get a free magazine subscription included. With instant access to our entire collection of back issues, you'll be able to dive into our extensive library of beautiful art and photography.

 Enjoy extended newsletters with bonus content

Our weekly newsletter is already known for its exquisite hand-picked images from the world's best talent. As a Model Citizen, you'll enjoy extended newsletters with even more stunning bonus content.

 Exclusive offers, discounts, and freebies

As a Model Citizen, you'll have instant access to some of our most popular educational products. You'll also receive discounts, bonuses, and special offers whenever we launch new products.

✅ Director's cut magazine issues with bonus content

Get the extended version of every magazine issue with dozens of exclusive pages and images – all hand-picked just for you.

Your work featured in the Model Citizen Edition of the Magazine

If you take part in our top support level for at least a year, we'll include your work in a special edition issue of Model Society Magazine to be published annually. If you're not a model, photographer, or artist, we'll include a thank you credit in the magazine.

✅ Distinguished profile badges for community members

As a Model Society community member, your profile will be clearly identified with a badge that tells everyone you are supporting a great experience for the entire community.

✅ We'll feature your work

We select featured images based on quality, so we'll keep an eye out for your best images and opportunities to include them on the website, in newsletters, and in the magazine.

✅ Print edition magazines at cost

Obtain the collectible print edition for each new publication at our cost – with no markup.

✅ More cool stuff soon!

From exclusive content and discounts to free education products, we'll always be brainstorming new ways to thank you for your support.

By becoming a Model Citizen, you'll be supporting these values:

  •   Respect for all members: The celebration of human beauty includes you, and we treat you with the same respect we treat the artwork.
  • Quality and authenticity: We carefully screen all members to ensure that our talent and images are of the highest quality.
  • Privacy protection: We don't track you or monetize your data. Your privacy is important to us, and we've never sold out our members and we never will.
  • Ad-free experience: We don't surround the beautiful art with ads or clutter up your experience with banners or paid links.
  • Unlimited tools and support: We don't limit uploads or make members pay for portfolio capacity. Everyone gets access to great tools and support.
  • Positive, drama-free community: We have very little drama at Model Society. Our community is full of genuine, authentic people.

Thank you for considering this opportunity and for being a part of Model Society.


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