Jaime Ibarra Cinematic Color Grading

Bring a a professional high-end look to your photography. Learn how to create stunning cinematic imagery that goes far beyond basic filters.


Even Simple Photos have the Potential to Make a Powerful Artistic Statement

Say goodbye to amateur snapshot style colors and canned filters. In this comprehensive tutorial series, Jaime Ibarra reveals every step of the signature color grading techniques that helped make him famous. With these videos, you'll learn how to bring striking cinematic and artistic color effects to your images. You'll learn how to see and manipulate color in powerful new ways, transforming your technical skills and dramatically advancing your understanding of color.


Transform your portfolio with Cinematic Color Grading.


Cinematic Color Grading: Part 1

Setting Curves

Understand how to modify these powerful control settings. Edit individual color channels to enhance your images.

Artistic Retouching

Remove and smooth blemishes to give your models a beautiful complexion. Modify and manipulate important details.

Working in Layers

Learn how to organize individual modifications in layers for flexible experimentation and non-destructive image editing.

Cinematic Color Grading: Part 2

Advanced Retouching

Enhance highlights and shadows for magazine quality results. Take your retouching skills further and perfect your model's skin.

Ambient Light Sources

Create the beautiful impression of volume and depth in your images by adding atmospheric and tonal light sources.

Complementary Colors

Balance warm and dark colors across your highlights and shadows for a striking, professional and cinematic look.

Cinematic Color Grading: Part 3

Perfect Alignment

Achieve visual alignment and ensure that all vertical and horizontal lines in your images are all perfectly perpendicular.

Advanced Retouching 2

Learn how to use blur settings to do advanced retouching in layers. Get the perfect amount of softness in your model's skin.

Dynamic Color Balance

Jaime shares his unique perspective on color that makes color grading a fun, creative and instinctive process.

Cinematic Color Grading: Part 4

Advanced Retouching 3

Get magazine quality results as you learn to use Photoshop's powerful Liquify functions to subtly modify the figure of your model.

Spotlights & Gradients

Create spotlights and gradient vignettes to highlight your model for gorgeous dramatic compositions.

Workflow Integration

Learn how to combine and navigate today's powerful image editing applications to build the perfect workflow.

Your Instructor: Jaime Ibarra

Jaime is a renowned photographer, artist and musician with a global audience. He has been featured in dozens of magazines internationally and in the US. His stunning imagery has compelled models from around the world to add his exquisite style to their portfolios.

BONUS: Jaime Ibarra's Black and White Lightroom Presets

From the subtle to the dramatic, this set of black and white Lightroom Presets provides you with a solid foundation of creative options for your black and white images.


BONUS: Jaime Ibarra's Color Lightroom Presets

These custom presets represent the core of Jaime's exquisite portfolio. This special collection has been developed over time for a wide range of creative applications. Use them as they are, or customize and save your own unique preset library.


BONUS: Jaime Ibarra Color Grading Image Gallery

You'll get sweeping and inspiring collection of Jaime's images that feature the same techniques taught in this tutorial. From the simple to the dramatic, you'll get a gorgeous selection of photos that prove how these powerful color grading techniques will transform and enhance your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! If you've completed the course and it does not positively transform your photography, just send a message and we'll refund your money ... no questions asked.

This training is for anyone who wants to work with models and create stunning art. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished working photographer or an aspiring beginner, these lessons are guaranteed to transform the way you work.

As soon as you purchase, you'll get an email with a link to your own private training library. You can easily access the videos and course materials 24/7 from any internet connected computer or mobile device.

You get unlimited access to the entire program. You can learn at your own pace and use these videos for ongoing inspiration and support.

Many of the techniques in this training can be performed with Photoshop, Pixelmator ($40) or other advanced image editing applications. In this specific training tutorial, Jaime uses Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

What Our Students are Saying

"I've always thought Jaime's images look like magic. Now I understand what he sees and what he does to give photos that special touch. I'm creating images that models are proud to include in their portfolios." – Scott Smith

"I'm reworking my entire portfolio. All of my all images are starting to look better than ever. My portfolio is going to be ten times better without taking another shot." – Greg Landry

"I had been relying on apps and filters to try to improve my work but it was hit or miss. I never really understood color. Now I know what I'm doing and love working at the computer." – Joshua Odess

"This the next level for me. Before now, my photography had not really improved in a long time. I'm inspired and ready to try all new things." – Dan Mingle


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Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Images

Make even the most simple images look amazing with these advanced color grading techniques.


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