More than 135 pages filled with true stories of honesty, healing and transformation

Participants from all walks of life make the courageous decision to be seen. With images and personal stories they reveal their naked truth to themselves and the world.


The Embody Project began after many years of deeply struggling to love my body.

We’re surrounded by manipulative media messages about beauty that are designed to make us believe we are not good enough as we are.

I created The Embody Project as an antidote to the insecurity that comes from an image obsessed culture. With honest photography and inspiring personal stories, The Embody Project offers a radically healthy perspective on being human. 

I hope these examples of personal transformation and healing will touch your heart and encourage you to embrace yourself, exactly as you are.

I invite you to experience The Embody Project and see humanity through a refreshing new perspective.

Creator of The Embody Project


There’s a temptation to seek approval from myself and others.

But my true desire is for the freedom that is found when seeing my body, not as good or bad, but as my own. The arms that hold the ones I love. The hands that write. The legs that stretch and toes that curl, when everything in the world seems right.

To be embodied, is to believe that what I am is what I’m meant to be. I am milky white, and bourbon on the rocks. I am soft and warm, and notebooks upon notebooks filled with thoughts.

I am freckled. I am a quiet spot by the window. I am wide hips and black coffee. I am full breasts and conversation that gets to the heart. I am red hair and dance, dance, dancing all night long. I am a myriad of flaws entangled with a rapturing, fiery hunger for life.


Ann Marie

"Here, I let go of what once mattered, of things that younger bodies dream of and older bodies fear. No matter what I think about myself and no matter what the world thinks when they see me, somehow I have played a creative part by doing this project."



"I am so grateful for this opportunity to embody my body in this newfound way. I know my process may take days, months, years or maybe my entire life as I learn to fully live and love. To embody is to make a choice, to breathe in the space in between; to soak up stillness with toe curling contentment, as well as wide spread arms."



"My relationship with my body is so real. It's not a love affair all the time. Sometimes I hate my body. Sometimes I wish I had a different one, or I wish this was different or that was different. Sometimes I’m so in love with my body and feel like my body is so precious and so valuable."



“There is a time of being appreciative for what you do have, for yourself and outside of yourself. Being embodied includes the mind heart and spirit. Being black and sothern in america, my self image was carved out by family and community. Everything spoke, even nature and said that you are somebody, that you came here for a purpose.”


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"Our ambition is to touch as many people as possible around the world. Your support for the book and project helps us foster a deeper sense of self-love and self-acceptance in the world that naturally leads to a deeper love and appreciation for all humanity." – Erica Mueller (Creator: The Embody Project)


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Praise for The Embody Project

“The Embody Project has had an extremely positive impact on my life and for that I’m forever grateful.” — Alison

“I used this book to talk to my children about bodies. Thank you for this honest collection of real people. In this crazy world, there’s nothing else like it.” — Jane

“I felt supported, loved, and respected every step of the way. I am proud to be a part of the Embody Project.” — Dana

“Working with Erica was a balm on my heart, a huge bouquet of self-acceptance and care for the divinity and perfection in each of us.” — Keri

“Participating in the Embody Project was incredibly healing and empowering. I am grateful for this opportunity to discover and love myself more deeply through being witnessed in my raw expression and vulnerability.” — Lily

“My Embody Project experience was a way for me to recognize that my story, expression and body is influential on international levels and is powerfully needed during these times on the planet. Truly, life enhancing and magical!” – Dominique

“I think the work you are doing is fantastic and much needed! Thanks to you and all the beautiful and brave people who are participating in this wonderful project!” — Juli

“I love this project and I am gratefully celebrating its existence.” — Marley

“I just want to thank you personally for The Embody Project. Our world needs to awaken to appreciate and honor the human art form.” — James

“The work you are doing is precious. Thank you for being so brave and beautiful and allowing people to be free, vulnerable, joyful, uncensored, and NAKED!!” — Anna

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The Embody Project exists for one reason ... to change the way you experience human beauty ♥️ So if you don't love it, just send a message within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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This stunning book highlights the most powerful images and revealing stories from participants. This publication is more than just a beautiful fine art book, it’s a restorative balm. This book reveals the true beauty that we all embody, the moment we allow our natural selves to be seen.


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