Jaime Ibarra Complete Training Collection

Take your photography to new levels of excellence as you learn the private techniques that propelled Jaime to fame. Save over 50% when you get the entire Jaime Ibarra training collection.

Save Over 50% When You Get all Three Courses from the Jaime Ibarra Training Collection

Working with Models

Learn the right way to communicate and work with models to create beautiful images and a quality reputation.

Creative Compositing

Bring new possibilities to your studio Images with complete creative control over background colors and textures.

Cinematic Color Grading

Bring a professional high-end look to your art. Create stunning cinematic imagery that goes far beyond basic filters.

Working with Models

In this training, Jaime Ibarra and Steffie Neve reveal the most important aspects of the model and photographer collaboration and learn to avoid common mistakes that maybe holding you back from creating your best work.


Cinematic Color Grading

Say goodbye to amateur snapshot style colors and canned filters. With these videos, you'll learn how to bring striking cinematic and artistic color effects to your images.


Creative Compositing

In this turbo training Jaime Ibarra walks you through the process of adding rich textures, colors and backgrounds to even the most simple studio images.


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Dive into the lessons RISK FREE and see why this is an essential training for any photographer who works with (or wants to work with) models. If you're not thrilled we'll refund your purchase.


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