Jaime Ibarra Creative Compositing

Bring your model photos to life with lush beautiful backgrounds. Say goodbye to boring, flat and uninspired backgrounds. 


Bring New Possibilities to Your Studio Images with Complete Creative Control over Background Colors and Textures

In this turbo training Jaime Ibarra walks you through the process of adding rich textures, colors and backgrounds to even the most simple studio images.


Enhance simple images with creative backgrounds and energize your portfolio!


This training will unlock the hidden potential of your studio images. You'll learn how to bring endless creative possibilities to an budget or basic set up. Even simple photos shot with flat backgrounds come to life with creative colors and textures. With this simple but powerful approach you can add wall papers, distressed textures, brick walls or any surface, all while keeping your shadows and fine details intact.

Every Image on this Page has Been Enhanced with a New Background!

Shoot with basic or budget backdrops and transform your images into beautiful and creative works of art.

Add an infinite variety of textures and color patterns. Refresh existing images and energize your portfolio.

Create realistic wallpapers and modify the colors to give your images the impression of different environments.

Your Instructor: Jaime Ibarra

Jaime is a renowned photographer, artist and musician with a global audience. He has been featured in dozens of magazines internationally and in the US. His stunning imagery has compelled models from around the world to add his exquisite style to their portfolios.

BONUS 1: Jaime Ibarra Background and Texture Super Pack

Use the same background textures you see in Jaime's portfolio. You'll get more than 370 high-resolution backgrounds and textures. As you learn to composite your backgrounds, you'll be ready to go with high-quality textures all photographed and curated by Jaime.


BONUS 2: Jaime Ibarra Dynamic Hair Photoshop Brushes

Jaime has included his custom Photoshop brushes for creating dynamic, free flowing or windswept hair. Just install them into Photoshop and you'll be able to render creative hair patterns in your images.


BONUS 3: Jaime Ibarra Time Lapse Composite Videos

Watch the creative process unfold as Jaime transform images from their basic beginnings into multi-layered works of art. These inspiring time lapse videos compress hours of creative work into minutes. 


BONUS 4: Jaime Ibarra Composite Image Gallery

You'll get an inspiring collection of Jaime's images that feature the same techniques taught in this tutorial. All of the images in this gallery were initially shot against a blank wall or plain backdrop and then enhanced with new textures, patterns and colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! If you've completed the course and it does not positively transform your photography, just send a message and we'll refund your money ... no questions asked.

This training is for anyone who wants to work with models and create stunning art. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished working photographer or an aspiring beginner, these lessons are guaranteed to transform the way you work.

Many of the techniques in this training can be performed with Photoshop, Pixelmator or other advanced image editing applications. In this specific training tutorial, Jaime uses a Photoshop plugin by Topaz Labs called Remask.

As soon as you purchase, you'll get an email with a link to your own private training library. You can easily access the videos and course materials 24/7 from any internet connected computer or mobile device.

You get unlimited access to the entire program. You can learn at your own pace and use these videos for ongoing inspiration and support.

What Our Students are Saying

"I'm  stunned at how big an impact this had on my work. I shoot with a simple backdrops and basic lighting. Adding background textures and images has opened up a whole new world." – Devin Markoff

"The tutorial was simple and direct. It's the kind of thing that I wish I had learned years ago. I'm going back and reworking lots of old images." – Jason Segman

"I've been a fan of Jaime's for years. I actually thought all those wall papers and textures were real. I'm excited to bring this to my photography." – Eric Dallierd


We're confident you'll love it. Enjoy the program for 30 days. If you don't get a ton of value just let us know and well refund your purchase.

Dive into the lessons RISK FREE and see why this is an essential training for any photographer who works with (or wants to work with) models. If you're not thrilled we'll refund your purchase.

Electrify Your Images with Creative Backgrounds

Bring new life to your existing portfolio and transform simple images with all new creative possibilities.


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