FREE! Model Citizens Special Edition

All of the stunning images in this oversized issue were created by Model Citizens. Model Society continues to exist because this core group of exceptional members have chosen to support our efforts.


The members of Model Society put human beauty on a pedestal as an object of reverence and respect. They inspire people from around the world to experience human beauty as art, openly and without shame.

Although Model Society sometimes looks like a large, well-funded company, we are really just a small team operating on a lean budget. So In 2021, when Covid began wreaking havoc with the economy, the future was uncertain. We asked our members for help, and were touched by the outpouring of support that rallied around a shared vision.

Most people will never know that Model Society survived and continues to exist because this core group of members, known as Model Citizens, came to our rescue.

This issue is entirely dedicated to our Model Citizens. All of the images that populate these pages were created by them. These amazing models, photographers, and artists are the beating heart of Model Society. It’s their art, passion, and raw creativity that gives Model Society its purpose and potency.

The breathtaking beauty of the work you’re about to experience is a reflection of the dedication and love that our Model Citizens have for this important art form.

Fine art is our love language, and this book is a love letter. It’s an expression of gratitude for the excellence and  care that these thoughtful creatives bring to the world. We hope you’ll join us in savoring and appreciating the beauty that radiates from every image.


Model Society

Featuring over 200 of our best models, photographers, and artists.



Support a Refreshing Vision of Human Beauty. Become a Model Citizen. ❤️


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