120 Pages Featuring: Meghan Claire, Mark Sink, James Martin, Ivana Desanic, BmanPhotos, Jose Luis Guiulfo and Johannes Wessmark


Inside Model Society Magazine 11

BmanPhotos takes us into the studio and out into nature with stunning sepia-toned images that reveal gorgeous details across the full tonal range of highlight and shadow. In each photo, the pose, environment, cropping, and light are all masterfully considered to bring us images that are both intimate and epic.

Meghan Claire takes us deep into a model’s artistic expression with self-portraits and articulate insights. You’ll also see Meghan through the eyes of several talented photographers including Mark Sink, with his haunting series of delicate images that seem to come from another time and place. With additional images by Deborah Martin, Mikey McMichael, Elizabeth Opalenik, and Anthony Gilbert.

James Martin brings us sketch-based figure drawing as a highly finished artform. These dynamic stylized images celebrate the unique energy and life of each model in ways that photography never could.

Ivana Desanic unveils a surreal world of romantic symbolism. She offers us a deeply personal narrative that is honest and mysterious. Ivana’s images speak to us in the language of dreams and tell a story that is vulnerable, unguarded, and proud.

Jose Luis Guiulfo seeks to perfect the art of photographic figure study. With a basic studio set up and simple lighting, Jose lets the magnificence of the human body speak for itself. These stunning images eliminate distractions and give us an opportunity to simply marvel at the essential beauty of the human form.

Johannes Wessmark will astonish you with handcrafted paintings that seem as accurate and clear as any photograph. With incredible patience, skill, and attention to detail, Johannes imbues his images with sparkling clarity and presence. We’ve included photos of the artist working because otherwise, you might not believe your eyes.

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