120 Pages Featuring: Ash Lee, Rick Jolson, Red Panda, Steve Lease, Bryce Cameron Liston and William Rich 


Inside Model Society Magazine 12

Ash Lee invites us into moments of visceral intimacy. In a space of reverence and trust, he and his models explore sexuality, tenderness, vulnerability, and even love. These exceptional images are masterfully crafted and profoundly poetic.

Steve Lease takes us down the rabbit hole on a journey through time. With an editing process that is instinctive and unpredictable, each image becomes an act of discovery for both Steve and the viewer. His evocative images offer a portal to a cinematic and enigmatic work of unique and alluring models.

Bryce Cameron Liston merges technical skill with spiritual reverence. His luminous paintings capture far more than surface beauty as they are infused with a sincere love of the human form. With bold and masterful brush strokes, Bryce brings vibrant and colorful life to an otherwise blank canvas.

William Rich employs a bold exaggerated style to communicate subtlety and truth. His portraits and figure studies are stark, powerful, and complex. With carefully chosen lenses, colors, and camera placement, William practically forces the viewer to experience a wide range of emotions, moods, and sensations.

Rick Jolson and art model Red Panda create figure studies as a celebration of form and physical beauty. Red Panda’s muscularity and robust poses are portrayed like a fine sculpture with Rick’s highly articulated style. This amazing photo set reveals what’s possible when an exceptional model and inspired photographer synergize at the height of their gifts.

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The models, photographers, and artists who populate this book have infused these pages with a radiant love for human beauty. This NEW issue features a stunning range of styles that includes images of tender intimacy, gorgeous sculptural figure studies, rich and complex portraits, masterful paintings, and antique vintage atmospheres. 



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