This beautiful issue of Model Society Magazine celebrates human bodies as miracles. These figurative works of art explore the miracle of the body as experienced by the miracle of the mind.


In this Gorgeous Issue of Model Society Magazine

Amy Marie – with images by Staunton Photo – shares a personal story about finding freedom and liberation as a nude model. In a world that often attacks naked humanity, Amy discovers what it takes to give herself permission to be free.

Carl Grim’s black and white world of mysterious and erotic images will thrill even the most demanding connoisseurs of figurative fine art. His bold high contrast style results in photography that grabs your attention with dramatic themes and vibrant details.

Craig William Johnston captures honest and profound portraits of colorful people whose personalities seem to leap off the page. Every stranger has a story to tell, and Craig’s photos say as much about his subjects as any story with words ever could.

Dee Dettling shares an inspiring personal story about the challenges and rewards of being a plus-size model. In this gorgeous boudoir style series, she absolutely glows with radiance and youthful beauty. With words and lush photos, Dee sends a message to curvy girls everywhere.

Scott Stillman captures portraits of intimacy. This delicate and vulnerable series of nude portraits takes us beyond the surface of the models, and reveals a naked honesty that will touch your heart. These exquisitely tender images invite you to experience a moment of genuine connection and appreciation.

Gregory Brown Photography offers us images of a striking couple who’s gorgeous dark bodies shine with vitality. In this dramatic series of abstract poses, Gregory captures images of human bodies that look like polished bronze sculptures. If you are a fan of human beauty, these incredible images will take your breath away.

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