Exquisite images from some Model Society's most accomplished contributors. In this issue we celebrate mastery and artistry.


See What's Inside Model Society Magazine #8

Jaime Ibarra invites us into a world of profound intimacy and delicious color. With his masterful use of chromatic harmony and contrast, he offers a vision of beauty that is lush, romantic and vividly clear. Through the filter of his magical lens, Jaime offers us an opportunity to experience pure beauty. His sincere appreciation of exquisite moments brings out the very best in his models.

Galen Evans creates classical figure studies with traditional mastery and fresh ideas. His images are both timeless and new. Galen’s formal use of studio lighting and backgrounds elevates the figure for us to contemplate and adore, like a princess statue in a museum. His images offer beauty that is both sensually alluring and abstract.

Dwayne Martin narrows our focus and brings us into direct contact with an experience of beauty. Looking at his images is like being a lover transfixed. His models become evermore tangible as the rest of the world falls out of focus. He deftly uses a shallow depth of field to bring us into a dreamlike world with a profound appreciation for beauty.

Carlos Andrew Thomas shares his photographic exploration of human form and function. As an artist and a scientist, Carlos contemplates how we move, what we look like and who we are. In a word of both reason and mystery, his beautiful photography is part of his quest for knowledge and understanding.

Alexandra Meulemans reveals the divine nature of humanity in relationship with horses. in these tender and beautiful images we see naked humanity in intimate contact with gentle, powerful and noble animals of exquisite grace. through her lens you’ll see humanity and horses with a fresh new perspective.

Josh Humble, face his fears and finds liberation as an art model and photographer. These gorgeous black and white figure studies reveal the beauty, strength and grace of the masculine form. Through his art, Josh helps us appreciate the forms, curves and shapes of the body as we would a beautiful landscape.

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