Step inside the garden of humany beauty in this special issue of Model Society Magazine. 


The Garden of Human Beauty

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Adrian Holmes shapes his images like a director stages a play, with carefully considered lighting, backgrounds and characters. His stunning models embody each scene and seem to discover more of themselves in the process. Adrian’s careful attention to lighting, detail and setting puts his models on a special pedestal for us to savor and enjoy. 

Paolo Lazzarotti invites us into a world of exquisitely beautiful models framed by the natural wonders of his beloved ittalian landscapes. Rocky shorelines, remote beaches and luminous skies provide a backdrop for his romantic vision of sensuality. We are in simply in awe of these incredible images.

William Zuback brings us images of authenticity and power, that are inspired by his personal struggles with self acceptance. His photos have a direct and unapologetic clarity that reveals the depth, dignity and beauty of each model. William’s images are highly stylized in a way that brings us closer to the truth.

Thomas Bichler offers us images of human beauty set within awe inspiring alpine landscapes. He and his models explore streams, rocky valleys and majestic mountain tops to create amazing compositions. These images are a special treat for anyone who appreciates human beauty as a part of the natural world.

Mused Renaissance shares a touching photo set with Soley, a free spirited model who crossed his path while traveling the world. These tender images have a classical esthetic and intimate presence. They celebrate the beauty that’s revealed when a model and photographer establish trusting creative connection. 

Mephisto Art takes us to a world of arcane magic and mysterious beauty. As an artist, he celebrates the strange, unusual and macabre. His models appear to emanate from the dark and become tangible right before our eyes. Mephisto Art’s images have a distressed patina that makes them seem like antiques from a magician’s archive.

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