Outdoor Nudes: Shooting on the Run

This video tutorial showcases six real-world outdoor photo shoots. You'll see the team optimize for great results in a range of challenging shooting conditions.


The Whole World is Your Photography Studio

Anything goes this photography tutorial and adventure, and it doesn’t matter what location you choose because you're shooting on the run. This approach will challenge you creatively and push you outside your comfort zone so you can reach new creative heights.


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Your instructors, Stephen Wong and Dan Hostettler, will take you on an exciting adventure as they explore the creative possibilities of six unique locations. In each shoot they face new challenges and opportunities. With each of these video lessons Dan and Stephen review the most important highlights and takeaways for you to bring to your very next photoshoot.

Learn to shoot in a range of challenging outdoor settings.

  • How to shoot outdoor nudes In public spaces
  • Shooting lean, mean and quickly, with limited equipment and on a budget
  • Optimizing results in a wide range of challenging weather conditions
  • Outdoor production planning
  • Building trust and rapport with the model
  • Giving model directions on the spot
  • Exploring options with both natural and flash augmented light
  • Using a stroke as a key light versus as a fill light
  • Creative posting for artistic, glamour, and dance styles
  • Having fun and achieving superb results at the same time

Part 1: Windy Overcast Bridge Shoot

In this video, the team faces a fun challenge as they show you how to get great results in windy, cold, and overcast conditions. During this shoot, Stephen uses just one strobe along with ambient environmental light. Dan and Stephen discuss optimal lenses and camera settings for these conditions.

Part 2: Shooting at the Beach

In this video, you'll watch Stephen show Dan how to frame the model while considering the horizontal lines from the ocean and horizon. Our team then discusses optional lens choices and camera settings before Dan gives it a try himself. To wrap it all up the team discusses what they learned from this location.

Part 3: Exploring Rock Formations

In this video, the team explores a surprise opportunity when they find some amazing rock formations. Stephen explains camera positioning, posing, camera settings, and lens choice. You’ll see the difference between images with and without the flash. At the end Dan and Stephen talk about framing and review what they learned from this productive shoot.

Part 4: Capturing Epic Cliff Jumps

Your instructors create dramatic images with epic sandstone cliffs. Stephen discusses why he chooses to use a high-speed flash sync and a high ISO. He also explains his lens and framing choices to get the best results. You’ll see how both photographers approach these interesting shooting conditions.

Part 5: Looking for Creative Opportunities

The team improvises and gets creative as they work with wind and fabric to get some interesting results. They talk about how to see and use the unique creative opportunities that different locations and situations may offer. After they shoot, the team sits down to review what they learned and how they look for visual opportunities.

Part 6: Outdoor Nudes Without a Flash

For this shoot the team uses ambient light without a supplemental flash. Stephen and Dan discuss the etiquette of working with multiple photographers and a single model. They also explain choosing optimal camera settings and how to preserve details across a wide dynamic range.

Your Instructors and Featured Model

Stephen Wong

Stephen is the founder of "Images of Nudes", a digital photography magazine. In this tutorial he share the principles, tactics, and secrets of how to successfully shoot outdoor nudes with stunning results.

Taliah Campbell

Taliah is a Sydney based Model Society model with an extensive background in a wide variety of dance styles. She pours her heart into the modeling process with passion and creativity.

Dan Hostettler

Dan's enthusiastic teaching style makes advanced concepts easy to understand, so you can apply what you learn and get great results the very next time you shoot.

120-Page Digital Textbook Included

This expansive book dives deep into additional details about shooting outdoor nudes. You'll learn about preparation equipment, how to work with models, lighting, and much more. This comprehensive resource is jam-packed with content and is worth the price of the entire course.

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