Playboy Glamour Style Production

From concept to planning and equipment, to shooting and legal agreements, you'll get a complete blueprint for Playboy and glamour style nudes.


Learn the complete photo production process from prep to shoot through 5 full photo sets.


Learn every step of a real glamour production day with Dan Hostettler.


Comprehensive and Complete Training

Legal Best Practices

This training includes a complete model release along with tips and guidelines for the legal considerations of a commercial production shoot.

Lighting Diagrams

For each of the five photo sets, you'll get detailed 3D lighting diagrams that explain how and why each light impacts the look of the scene.

Equipment and Gear

You'll get a clear breakdown of the camera, lenses, lighting, and settings for each shoot. You'll learn why we select particular equipment for specific results.

Planning & Checklists

From meetings to timetables, Dan shows you how he coordinates a production day and team effort to stay on time and on track.

Color Calibration

Learn how to get consistent, accurate, and reliable color results across a range of lighting situations. 

Makeup, Hair, & Styling

For each of the five photo sets we explore the specific styling choices to support the story and mood of each shoot.

SET 1: Soft Glam - Innocent, Relaxed, Soft, Golden

In this set we make Dominika stand out as the main attraction. To visually separate her from the background we choose the right lens and aperture to ensure there's no visual competition for our model.

SET 2: Damn Sexy - Alluring, Playful, Suggestive, Attractive, Chic

This series is centered on the model's expressions and attractive appeal. She is playing sexy for the camera which creates a direct and intimate experience for the viewer.

SET 3: Romance Glam - Warm, Charming, Teasing, Subtle

We'll create a glamour atmosphere and scene that employs a range of different light sources and characteristics. We combine limited flash with color gels and candle light for mixed lighting that creates distinctly appealing color tones and an alluring mood.

Set 4: Classic Attitude - Sophisticated, Elegant, Cultivated

We start with wide angle shots to draw the attention to the classical architectural features. We incorporate the piano to help tell the story. The apparent hardness plays the antagonistic counterpart to Dominika’s enchanting smile.

SET 5: Captive Accents -  Bold, Strong, Dominant

“Progressive and Bold” are the focus for this concept. The minimalistic yet very specific facial expressions are vital when shooting the portrait sequence. In this set the room itself provides a wealth of patterns and visual opportunities.

Lead Photographers and Featured Model

In this training you'll gain insights from an art nude photographer and a commercial photographer for dramatically different results.

Dan Hostettler

Dan Hostettler is an internationally published photographer with over 30 years of experience. His teaching style makes advanced concepts accessible, so you can apply what you learn to your next shoot.

Olga Zavershinskaya

Olga is an accomplished nude art photographer with a focus on emotion and aesthetics. She combines lines, form, and light to convey her ideas while exploring the aesthetics of visualization.

Coxy Dominika

As a published Czech Playmate, Coxy is highly experienced in the world of glamour and nude shoots. She is also a trained gymnast who is able to understand and perform a wide range of art nude poses.

Get the Complete Production Day Textbook

This 240 page PDF notebook documents every aspect of this training and includes lighting diagrams, detailed explanations, useful tips, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn how to do Playboy & Glamour style comercial photoshoots.

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