Portfolio Building from Scratch

To work with models, you'll need a great portfolio. In this training, you'll learn essential elements of seven different styles, all in this one comprehensive tutorial series.


Create a well-rounded portfolio quickly and confidently

In this training series, Dan and Melisa Mendini build out an entire portfolio from a single series of shoots. Dan and the team show you how adjust lighting, styling, and location to effectively create a varied and professional portfolio fast.


Start Building and Enhancing Your Portfolio Today


One Shoot for Seven Looks

In these videos, Dan takes you through a complete series of nude photography styles. You'll learn how a core set of skills can apply to a range of looks.

Lighting Diagrams

You'll get detailed lighting diagrams for each set up that explain the function of every light source in the scene so you'll clearly understand how it works.

Equipment and Gear

A clear breakdown of the camera, lenses, lighting and settings for each shoot. You'll learn why we select particular equipment for specific results.

Build your Basic and Versatile Lighting Kit

Dan describes his go-to kit of equipment and explains why each piece is important. From cameras to lenses and lights to bounces Dan teaches you how to create your own versatile kit. 

Create Different Styles with Set Lighting Positions

In this set, Dan shows you how important shadows are when setting up your lighting. Here he teaches you how to focus on shadows rather than light to achieve various styles and moods. 

The Simple Reliable Way to Start any Nude Shoot

This set focuses on the classic nude that usually features figurative posing representations with little styling or accessories so the focus can be on the element of the body. Dan talks about the specific lighting and framing that is characteristic of this nude style. 

Classic Artistic Nudes

During the original live broadcast of this tutorial series, Dan and the team took some time to answer questions from the audience. The model and photographer both address common questions about some of the most important topics that you'll see in these videos.

Beautiful Bodyscapes

In this video, Dan discusses the Bodyscape look which focuses on figurative forms and curves. We learn how to achieve this very specific look through light settings, specific framing, posing composition, and option enhancements to create more details. 

Soft and Sensual Nudes

In this video, we learn about soft nudes. Dan takes us through the proper lighting, posing, and framing that achieve this warm, soft, flowing style. 

Glamour Nudes

Glam nudes are all about charisma and illumination. Dan discusses how this is achieved through strong effect lights, playful posing, and the model’s interplay with the camera. We also take a look at how the makeup, styling, and accessories are bold or colorful in order to complement the model’s natural look. 

Fashion Nudes

This set teaches us how to focus the viewers’ attention on the styling or fashion pieces through exaggerated poses, styling that complements the fashion piece, and illuminating the garment in each shot so it remains the primary focus. We also learn how to play with the nuances of nude posing to work with the idea of classical fashion. 

Drama Noir Style Nudes

This segment explores a drama noir style.Dan discusses how to achieve this through dramatic, rich contrast in lighting with a spotlight and dramatic shadows. 

Dan Hostettler and Melisa Mendini

Dan Hostettler is an internationally published photographer with over 30 years of experience. His teaching style makes advanced concepts accessible, so you can apply what you learn to your next shoot. Melisa is a highly accomplished glamour and nude model who is fluent in a range of styles. She has been published in numerous magazines including Penthouse, Maxim, and Hustler.

Supplemental Tutorial PDF Included

This 100-page PDF notebook documents every aspect of this training and includes lighting diagrams, detailed explanations, useful tips, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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