Portrait Nudes

Combine the most essential skills of portraiture and nude fine art. Learn how to take your photography to the next level with timeless portraits nudes.


Learn how to work with models to create stunning nude and portrait images.

Portrait style nudes are one of the most challenging and rewarding approaches to model photography. In these five training videos, you'll learn how to create stunning images with this classic photography style.


Lighting Diagrams

You'll get detailed lighting diagrams for each set up that explain the function of every light source in the scene so you'll clearly understand how it works.

Using Budget Gear

Dan shoots with budget cameras and expensive gear side-by-side so you can see how to get amazing images without spending a fortune.

Any Space Becomes a Studio

You don’t need a dedicated studio to create amazing nude portraiture. Dan shoots in his own private flat to show how you can get fantastic results in almost any space.

Shoot 1: Soft and Romantic

Learn this highly versatile style of portrait photography. You'll see how Dan uses large light sources to simulate natural light. This style is great for private portrait clients.


Shoot 2: Bold and Bright

Learn a more commercial approach. In this shoot Dan shows you how to use a reflector to make the light quality brighter and more bold. You'll also see how they employ active standing poses for dynamic images.

Shoot 3: Timeless Monochrome Portraits

Learn how Dan creates these amazing black and white images with a soft beautified style. In this shoot Dan details how to use controlled lighting for a combination fo shimmer and detail.

Shoot 4: Glamour Beauty Style

In this photoset, Dan shows you how to shoot classic glamour and beauty style images. As you learn some essential techniques, you'll quickly see why this is Dan's favorite style of model photography.

Model and Photographer Q&A

During the original live broadcast of this tutorial series, Dan and the team took some time to answer questions from the audience. The model and photographer both address common questions about some of the most important topics that you'll see in these videos.

Grow your creative vocabulary with four ways to shoot nude portraits.

Watch as Dan creates four different style sets. Learn how to create mood with lighting choices. Understand skin tone, styling, and specific camera settings. 

Set 1A: Contemporary Look: Soft
Set 1B: Contemporary Look: Fresh
Set 2: B&W Spark: DIVA
Set 3: Silky Glam
Concepts, Observation, Instructions, and Results
1-/ 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
Speedlights Only!
Shooting in tight spaces
Comparison of shooting with a pro camera against a consumer camera
Inspiration about how to start shooting for private assignments
Simple, Effective Posing & Expressions, Easy to Adapt
All Shooting Concepts can be Recreated with Your Partner/Wife, Beginner to Pro Models
Q&A Segment with the Crew
And more…

Dan Hostettler and Nicic Dee

Dan Hostettler is an internationally published photographer with over 30 years of experience. His teaching style makes advanced concepts accessible, so you can apply what you learn to your next shoot. Nici is a highly accomplished glamour and nude model who is fluent in a range of styles. She has been published in numerous magazines including Playboy, Maxim, and Penthouse.

Supplemental Tutorial PDF Included

This 100-page PDF notebook documents every aspect of this training and includes lighting diagrams, detailed explanations, useful tips, and much more.

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Learn the Essential Skills of Creating Nude Portraits with Models

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