How to Work with Models

Your interaction with a model is the foundation of every photo shoot. How you communicate before, during and after has a huge impact on the quality of your images, reputation and future collaborations.


Why Some Photographers Thrive and Others Fail when Working with Models

Get a comprehensive introduction to model photography in these 8 video discussions (+ bonus videos). Learn to avoid common mistakes to get your photo shoots on the right track.


Don't do another photo shoot without this training!


Your Instructors: Jaime Ibarra & Steffie Neve

Jaime Ibarra and Steffie Neve reveal the most important aspects of the model and photographer collaboration.

Jaime Ibarra

Jaime is a renowned photographer who has been featured in dozens of magazines internationally and in the US. His stunning imagery inspires models from around the globe to add his work to their portfolios. 

Steffie Neve

Steffie picked up the camera in 2013 and within the first year landed multiple publications. With her experience as a model, makeup-artist and stylist, Steffie has become fluent in all aspects of the process.

Professional Etiquette

There's a right way and wrong way to communicate with Models. Get your collaborations on track with best practices for email messages and phone calls.

Creating Connection

Most photographers put too much attention what they see through the lens. Learn why your connection with a model is more important than the camera.

Establishing Trust

Build enduring collaborations. Models need to feel safe and respected. Learn to avoid common mistakes photographers make that can make a model feel uncomfortable.

Model Confidence

A model's level of confidence has a huge impact on results. Learn what you should be doing to ensure your models feel great during a photo shoot.

How to Find and Work with Models

Anyone with the right attitude can learn to work with models. Get on track by learning how to establish inspired creative connections.

Finding Ideal Models

How to find models who will work with you to create amazing images. How to connect with both pros and beginners.

Getting Started

Jaime and Steffie reveal how to invite non-models to pose for you and when to start working with professional models.

A Perfect Portfolio

Learn how to curate the ideal portfolio and have it ready to show when you're inviting models to work with you.

Lighting and Equipment Essentials

Photographers often feel pressure to invest in expensive equipment. Learn the truth about what it takes to get beautiful photos.

Shooting on a Budget

Weather you're on a budget or need a portable studio for on-the-go shoots, you'll discover the surprising truth about what you really need to take great photos. 

Jaime's Lighting Set Up

Learn the exact set up – you can easily replicate – that Jaime used in many of his most famous images. You'll see how and why Jaime keeps things simple.

Improvised Lights & Props

Take your imagination beyond the studio and learn how to incorporate lights and unexpected props from your environment into creative process.

Working with Nude Models

Wether or not you want to create nude art, this important conversation will help you understand what modeling is like for your subjects. Learn how to ensure that your models feel safe and respected so they can relax and be creative.

Comfort and Saftey

Learn what to say and what NOT to say to make sure your models feel safe and relaxed. Apply these lessons to every photo shoot.

What the Model Wants

Get a model's perspective on what's expected from a nude photo shoot. Learn what it's like for her and avoid common mistakes.

Becoming Trusted

A single bad shoot can block future creative opportunities. Learn to build a trusted reputation among nude models.

25 Photo Discussions

Jaime and Seffie offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of their best collaborations. You'll hear about the technical details and creative surprises that went into each image. Understand these amazing images from both sides of the camera.

The Creative Process

How to encourage and welcome your model's ideas so you can turn every photo shoot into mutually rewarding collaboration.

Navigating Challenges

Jaime and Seffie talk about easing nervousness and how to successfully navigate frustrating or difficult situations with models.

Moments vs Poses

Take your photography beyond poses. Learn how to recognize and capture powerful moments of exquisite beauty.

BONUS: Jaime Ibarra Model Image Gallery

Over 130 hand picked images from Jaime's inspiring collection that highlight the incredible results he gets working with models. You'll see how the techniques and approaches he teaches in this video series lead to radiant images that shine with connection, personality and authenticity.

BONUS: Steffie Neve & Jaime Ibarra Image Gallery

We've gathered an gorgeous collection of images created by Jaime and Seffie during their multi-year collaboration. These photos are a great example of what's possible when you establish a positive enduring connection with your models.

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What Our Students are Saying

"You can't fake a beautiful smile. After watching these videos my models started having fun. They are much more relaxed and I'm getting better results than ever before." – Donnie Allen

"Jaime and Steffie showed me how I can be relaxed and professional at the same time so we can both relax and make great images." – Marc Jacobs

"I wish I'd watched these videos 10 years ago. I realize I've missed some great opportunities. I can't wait till my next photo shoot." – Jonathan Stien 

"The information in these videos is powerful and direct. It's all stuff I should have already known, but I had no clue what was really going on for the model." – Eric Lyman


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